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How To Buy The Perfect Snow Cab. The sub-zero temperatures that accompany heavy snow storms can make it almost unbearable to be outside. If you put a snow cab attachment on your snow blower you can be protected from the elements while clearing your driveway and sidewalks of snow.

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How To Pick the Perfect Snow Blower Cab

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Snow blowing is fun… until the blowing snow starts smacking you in the face.

A snow blower cab won’t stop the wind from blowing, but it will keep your nose from becoming a popsicle.

Shopping for a snow blower cab is easy if you follow two simple steps:

Match Your Manufacturer
The easiest way to choose the perfect snow cab is to buy the same brand as your snow blower.

Since the snow cab is specifically designed for your snow blower, it will assure a perfect fit.

If the manufacturer’s snow cab is unavailable or out of your price range, you can choose a universal cab. These are made to fit on a wide variety of snow blowers.

Need a Light?

Deluxe Snow Cab

If your snow blower has a headlight, get a deluxe snow cab with a clear lower window, allowing the light to shine through.

If you don’t have a headlight, save some money and buy a regular snow blower cab without the window.

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Snow Shelter - Find out How To Pick the Perfect Snow Blower Cab. Our snowblower how-to library can help you pick the perfect single-stage snowblower, two-stage snowblower or snow blower accessory.