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How to Buy the Perfect Skid Shoes. Experts at Snow Blowers Direct provide tips on how to protect your driveway from unsightly gouges and scratches from the auger of your snow thrower. Skid shoes provide a half-inch buffer between the snow blower and the driveway.

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How to Pick the Perfect Replacement Skid Shoes

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Slide Shoes

Two-stage snow blowers contain solid steel augers that can scratch and chip concrete.

As a result, two-stage snow blowers are designed NOT to touch the surface. If your snow blower is still hitting the surface or tossing gravel stones, the easiest solution is to purchase skid shoes.

It purposely leaves behind a small film of snow in order to protect your concrete and snow blower.

These small metal or composite attachments essentially act as a spacer between the bottom of your snow blower and your driveway.

By simply increasing the gap by one half inch, you'll stop flinging stones at parked cars and neighborhood kids.

There are three types of skid shoes:

Metal Skid Shoes
Metal skid shoes are relatively inexpensive. However, the paint sometimes scrapes off on hard surfaces, possibly leaving unsightly marks on your driveway or sidewalk.

Composite Skid Shoes
Non-abrasive skid shoes are made of a composite material. They won't leave behind any marks, so they cost a little more. The composite skid shoes are reversible so they'll last twice as long.

Roller Skid Shoe
Rolling skid shoes are the most advanced and highest-performing skid shoes available for snow blowers.

Not only do they provide ground clearance, but because they have rolling wheels on them, they make it easier to maneuver and steer your snow blower.

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Slide Shoes - Find out How to Pick the Perfect Replacement Skid Shoes. Our snowblower how-to library can help you pick the perfect single-stage snowblower, two-stage snowblower or snow blower accessory.