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How to choose Snow Blower Paddles. When your snow blower stops getting a consistent clearing path, it's not broken, but might just a new paddle. The rubber paddles wear down from the constant contact they have with the ground so by replacing them you can regain the top-performance you expect from your snow thrower.

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Single-Stage Paddles

How to Pick the Right Replacement Paddles

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Single-Stage Paddles

Your single-stage snow blower should pull you down the driveway.

If you're pushing it instead, it's time to replace those rubbery paddles on your auger.

Over time, your snow blower paddles will wear down, losing constant contact with the surface.

This doesn't mean it's time to get a new snowblower. All you need to do is get a new set of paddles.

Replacing the paddles is extremely easy... as long as you buy the right replacement parts.

Four-Spiral Augers
The auger on most MTD Yard Machine and Snapper models consists of 4 spirals and 2 bars. You can purchase the complete kits online.

To replace the paddles all you need to do is unfasten a couple bolts from the auger and bars, remove the four paddles and simply screw in the new paddles.

MTD Replacement Paddles

Toro Snow Blower Paddles

Two-Spiral Augers
Toro snow blowers feature 2 large paddles instead, making them much easier to replace.

Toro actually puts small little holes in the paddles. When the paddle wears down to the hole, it's time to replace them.

We sell the Toro paddles individually in case the paddles are wearing unevenly. However, it's best to replace both paddles at the same time.

Don't Forget the Scraper Blade
Snow Blower Scraper Blade

Finally, if you're paddles are worn-down, the scraper blade underneath the snow blower is probably done too.

You should either adjust it or replace it with a new one at the same time you're replacing the paddles.

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Single-Stage Paddles - Find out How to Pick the Right Replacement Paddles. Our snowblower how-to library can help you pick the perfect single-stage snowblower, two-stage snowblower or snow blower accessory.