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ELECTRIC SNOW BLOWER BUYING GUIDE: How to Pick the Perfect Electric Snow Blower. The product experts at Snow Blowers Direct provide helpful buying tips and advice on electric snowblowers. With this information consumers will be able to determine which type of electric snow blower is right for their needs.

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Electric Snowblower Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Electric Snow Blower

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Electric Snowblower Buying Guide

Electric snowblowers are a quieter and more eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered snowblowers.

Electric snowblowers are lighter-weight and easier to store. They're also easier to maintain and less messy.

Whether you need something to clear a short sidewalk, or something to clear 10 inch deep snow from your driveway, electric snowblowers are made in several different ways to meet the needs of various types of homeowners.

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Power Shovel
Power Shovel
Power shovels are really snow sweepers instead of throwers. These lightweight snow moving machines donít have wheels or chutes. Instead, a paddle style auger pushes the snow forward like a broom.

Weighing less than 15 lbs., an power shovel will save your back. However, you'll still get a workout carrying and pushing it around.

An power shovel is ideal for light snow less than 4 inches
deep on sidewalks, decks and steps. Anything more substantial
would be too much for this little guy.

Corded Snowblower
Want something with a little more power and performance? A
corded snowblower is an eco-friendly alternative to
gas-powered snow blowers.
Electric Snowblower

Unlike power shovels, they feature easy-to-maneuver wheels and a chute to direct the discharged snow.

Plus, corded snowblowers feature more powerful motors, throwing up to 700 pounds of snow per minute. They are capable of handling 6 - 10 inch deep snow.

In terms of overall handling and usability, a corded snowblower
is a better choice than a power shovel.

Cordless Snowblower
cordless snowblower

Like corded snowblowers, cordless models also feature easy-to-maneuver wheels and a discharge chute. However, cordless models can move freely without the use of a cord.

Cordless snowblowers feature a comparable intake height and clearing width; and because they have soft rubber augers, they're safer for decking as well.

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Electric Snowblower Buying Guide - Find out How to Pick the Perfect Electric Snow Blower. Our snowblower how-to library can help you pick the perfect single-stage snowblower, two-stage snowblower or snow blower accessory.