Introducing the Best Snow Blowers of 2017

Introducing the Best Snow Blowers of 2017

Snow Blowers Direct Reveals Top Snow Blowers of the Year

BOLINGBROOK, IL (September 12, 2017) - Snow Blowers Direct revealed their popular lists of the Best Snow Blowers of 2017 to help shoppers choose the best snow blower in time for the year's first snowfall.

The site,, lists more than 200 snow blowers and publishes almost 7,000 snow thrower reviews from actual online shoppers.

A proprietary algorithm used by Snow Blowers Direct generates accurate letter grades for all snow blowers on the site. It provides online shoppers with real-time analysis through comprehensive lists of the highest-rated snow blowers on the market today.

“When snow falls, you want a machine that can handle whatever you find in your driveway.” said Robert Valenzano, snow blower expert at "With our lists, you can find a snow blower that can handle your square footage, and throw snow that ranges from light and fluffy to heavy and wet. It depends on where you live geographically, how large your driveway is, how quickly and powerfully you want to do the job, and more. Our goal is to help you find the best snow thrower for your specific needs."

According to Valenzano, Snow Blowers Direct's lists are a reliable source for 2017 snow blower ratings for three specific reasons:

1. Three "Best of" Lists in Each Category
People have different ideas about what it means to be considered "the best." publishes three separate lists for each type of snow blower. Site visitors can sort snow blowers according to how well a product sells (best-selling), how well consumers review a product (top-rated), or models that experts recommend based on testing and consistent customer feedback. There is a separate list for each different style of snow blower, ranging from smaller electric snow blowers to powerful two and three stage snowblowers.

2. Real-Time Updates
Most "best-seller lists" on the internet are updated only once a year at most, showcasing snow blowers that have since been discontinued. Snow Blowers Direct's lists, however, are updated in real time, so customers will always see a current list of what's popular in 2017.

"The lists are updated continually," Valenzano said, "If you go the site and write a review of your snow blower, the rating and grade will be influenced in real time. This is why our lists are known for their accuracy. They weren't decided by editors at the beginning of year; you are always seeing updated results."

3. Free Access doesn’t require a sign-up form or a subscription. The company’s goal is to educate shoppers with free information, helping them pick the perfect snow blower.

"With recent technological advances, snow blowers today are more powerful than ever and capable of meeting grueling demands," Valenzano continued, "You just have to know what to look for. Our lists help bring all the pertinent information to you so you can decide what features are right for you and make a purchase you can feel good about."

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