Power Equipment Direct Redesigns Corporate Site

Power Equipment Direct Redesigns Corporate Site

Online Retailer Launches New Co-Branding Initiatives

BOLINGBROOK, IL (June 09, 2009) - Power Equipment Direct - the parent company of nine niche web stores - launched a redesigned corporate website as part of a major co-branding initiative.

"In the past, our web stores operated independently in cyberspace," said Jon Hoch, founder and CEO of Power Equipment Direct. "Now, they stand together as a unified, consolidated network."

The online power equipment retailer decided to overhaul its four-year-old corporate web site to better communicate the expansion of the PED Network.

In the past nine months, the company launched five new web stores - MowersDirect.com, SumpPumpsDirect.com, WaterPumpsDirect.com, ChainSawsDirect.com and LogSplittersDirect.com.

"Powered by PED" Campaign

In addition to upgrading its corporate site, Power Equipment Direct is co-branding its nine niche stores through a new "Powered by PED" campaign.

Customers can now jump from store to store though a series of links published at the bottom of every web page in the Power Equipment Direct network.

For example, a customer comparing snow blowers can easily check out the company's complete line of lawn mowers in just one click.

Universal Customer Account

Finally, Power Equipment Direct consolidated customer accounts into a single universal account. Customers no longer need a separate account for each web store.

According to Hoch, customers can now access their order and account information from any web store in the entire Power Equipment Direct network. They can also add products from separate stores into a single shopping cart and checkout.

"We basically evolved from a bunch of niche stores into a network," said Hoch.
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