Scottsdale Man Wins $1,000 for Air Compressor Review

Scottsdale Man Wins $1,000 for Air Compressor Review

Arizona Resident is the Latest Winner of PED Review Contest

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (January 15, 2015) - Power Equipment Direct is excited to announce a new winner as another PED bi-monthly video review contest comes to a close.

Every two months, the online power equipment website hosts a video review contest, which provides customers a chance to be awarded $1,000 in exchange for submitting their video reviews. The reviews are then posted to the site for other shoppers to view.

"The videos don't have to be elaborate and hi-tech to win, so everyone's encouraged to participate. The review just has to present the effectiveness of the featured product and mention that they got it from Power Equipment Direct," said Steve Robbins, air compressor expert at Air Compressors Direct. "Michael's video is informative, but also charismatic and easy to follow. He presents important details about the product while also explaining why he chose it."

To qualify, contestants have to demonstrate a product sold at Power Equipment Direct or one of the other 13 niche web stores featured on the site, and they must mention that they bought it from Power Equipment Direct. All videos submitted are judged on originality, creativity, and overall appeal.

The winning review this time comes from Michael B. of Scottsdale, Arizona. The video features a Puma 3-HP 60-gallon single-stage air compressor.

"Air Compressors Direct is a fantastic site for one-stop evaluation, comparison, reviews, Q&A, and recommendations that gave me all the information I needed to make a decision," said Michael. "Their site was intuitive, well organized, AND had great prices plus free shipping! Why would you go anywhere else?"

Keep an eye on Power Equipment Direct updates and submit your own review now, and maybe you'll be the next contestant to win $1,000.
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