Snow Blowers Direct Lists Top Snow Blowers of 2014

Snow Blowers Direct Lists Top Snow Blowers of 2014

A New Algorithm Rates Top Selling Snow Blowers in Real-Time

BOLINGBROOK, IL (January 22, 2014) - Snow Blowers Direct has announced the best snow blowers of 2014 based on their popular rankings algorithm and expert reviews to help shoppers pick the perfect snow blower for 2014.

The online retailer and reviews site lists over 190 snow blower models and publishes more than 3,400 reviews from actual online shoppers.

The amazingly accurate algorithm generates a specific letter grade for every individual snow blower, allowing to now publish the most comprehensive 2014 snow blower lists anywhere.

“The majority of 'best-selling' lists online are composed of randomly selected snow blowers by affiliate sites who seek a commission,” said Bob Crewe, snow blower expert at “The other 'top-rated' lists you might see in magazines tend to be old, meaning that most models listed are already discontinued.”

According to Crewe, Snow Blowers Direct's lists are the most credible place to find 2014 snow blower rankings for these three reasons:

1. Three Lists in One
The word “best” means different things to different people. publishes lists that can be sorted three ways. Shoppers can sort snow blowers by best selling, top-rated, or expert recommended snow blowers. Better yet, those results can be filtered further, narrowing the selection of snow blower to find exactly which one you want. wasn't going to stop with just one list though. The retailer and review site created a separate list for each different style of snow blower, ranging from smaller electric snow blowers to powerful two and three stage snowblowers.

2. Real-Time
Lots of 'best-selling' lists you'll see are updated once a year at best, meaning that they're displaying discontinued or less popular snow throwers that were popular last year. Snow Blowers Direct's lists, however, are updated in real-time, highlighting what’s hot and popular at all times.

“The best part is, real snow blower users influence the ratings daily. If you disagree with a letter grade or rating, you can just submit a review to instantly alter the ranking,” said Crewe, who works directly with all of the leading manufacturers and strives to assist online shoppers.

3. Free doesn’t require a sign-up form or a subscription. The retailer’s goal is to educate shoppers with free information, helping them pick the perfect snow blower.

"We're so passionate about snow blowers that we're delighted to share this valuable information for free," said Crewe.

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