The End of the Two-Cycle Snow Blower

The End of the Two-Cycle Snow Blower

Why Manufacturers Don't Make Two-Cycle Snow Blowers

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert
By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

If you're searching for a two-cycle snow blower, you've probably already noticed that they're not easy to find.

Two-stroke engines (also called two-cycle engines) require you to mix oil with gasoline in exact amounts, and most people would rather eye-ball it.

They're also louder and less environmentally friendly, which makes them outlawed in certain parts of the country.

With two-cycle snow blowers not being manufactured for the better part of three years now, their availability tends to be limited to yard sales and classified ads.

Once the leading manufacturer of two-stroke engines went out of business, snow blower companies began the transition into the new era of four-cycle snow blowers.


Going Green

4-cycle Snow BlowerThe fumes from two-stroke engines don't pass most EPA regulations, which has led consumers to pursue more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly four-stroke models.

Because of a shift in consumer demand, and the disappearance of two-cycle engine manufacturers, snow blower companies have quickly phased out two-stroke engines.


Noise Ordinances

Aside from the environmental regulations, noise is another form of pollution that certain municipalities tend to regulate.

The decibel levels produced by two-stroke snow blowers prevents them from meeting most of these regulations, making them unsuitable for many communities.


The Four-Stroke Alternative

Ariens 4-Stroke Snow BlowerIt's hard to argue against the benefits of owning a quieter-running, more environmentally friendly snow blower.

Your neighbors will be happier, and so will you. Four-cycle snow blowers get better fuel efficiency, which means less downtime due to refueling and more money in your pocket.

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