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How to Quickly Refuel a Two-Stage Snow Blower

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

It doesn't require a professional pit crew to service a two-stage snow blower.

Add the gas into the gas tank. Add the engine oil into the engine.

Two-stage snow blowers are designed to clear large areas. Since you'll be clearing more snow, you will simply need a larger fuel supply.

To properly refuel your 2-stage snow blower there are two things you need to do:

Snow Blower Gas Can1. Get a Good Gas Can
You probably already have a gas can. But, can you pour the gas without spilling it?

We recommend the Flo N Go 14-gallon gas can because it features a gas station-style handle. Simply squeeze the trigger a few times, and the gas starts flowing.

Fuel Stabilizer2. Order Some Fuel Stabilizer
Gasoline will gradually turn to varnish and gum up your carburetor if it sits too long. So, rotate your fuel supply at least once per year.

We strongly recommend mixing Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer with your gas. A 10-ounce bottle will keep 25 gallons of gasoline fresh for a whole year. If you double the dosage, it can stay fresh for up to two years.