Winter 2011 Forecast

Farmer's Almanac 2011 Pre-Season Predictions

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For the last 192 years, the Farmer’s Almanac has been forecasting the weather with amazing accuracy. Last year's predictions of heavy snow in February were all too accurate. Who can forget the President talking about “Snowmageddon” after huge blizzards shut down large portions of the east coast? So what does the Farmer’s Almanac predict for the upcoming winter season? Folks living on the east coast can expect colder than normal temperatures and average snowfall. Snow storms shouldn’t be as harsh as a year ago, but be prepared to move snow off the driveway and sidewalks.

Farmer's Almanac First Snow Map
Midwesterner’s can look forward to above average snowfall coupled with usually cold temperatures. Of all the regions in the U.S., the Farmer’s Almanac predicts the worst winter weather conditions for the upper-Midwest. Yes, it’s all just a prediction at this point, but history tells us that the Farmer’s Almanac is pretty accurate when it comes to this sort of thing. And, let’s face it. If you live in the northern half of the country, snow is inevitable. It’s just a case of how many snowstorms there will be, and how much snow will fall from each storm.
Canada Snow Map
For those living in Canada, the Farmer's Almanac provides predictions as well. Snowfalls are expected to be on average for the most part and temperatures anticipated to be colder than usual in the mid-west and eastern parts of the country. With winter on the way, it's smart to be prepared for the inclement weather. Snow Blowers Direct offers factory direct discounts and free shipping on all snow blowers with the hope everyone will be ready when the first flakes fall.


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