Ariens EFI Snow Blower: Fuel Efficient and Won't Clog Engine

Ariens EFI Snow Blower: Fuel Efficient and Won't Clog Engine

First EFI Snowblower Provides Smart Engine, Performance

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert
By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

In 2016, Ariens introduced two snow throwers that, for the first time, use Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology.

EFI technology may be the future of snow blowers. But is it the right choice for you? Letís take a look at some of the benefits of an EFI-powered engine.

Won't "Gum Up" Engine
A standard carbureted engine fuel system is constantly exposed to air. Consequently, it oxidizes over time which creates problems when you leave fuel in the engine too long. Thatís why we always stress running out your fuel in the offseason.

An EFI engine, however, has a fuel valve to block oxygen access so that you wonít gum up the engine or build residue. That means you will avoid a lot of the damage, repairs, and replacement that occurs in a standard carbureted engine. This is a virtually maintenance-free machine.

Consistent Performance
The EFI engine allows for a consistent performance so you donít struggle with snow. This snow blower wonít idle or stall, and it gives you a throwing distance close to 50 feet. On average, EFI-powered machines launch 73 tons of snow per hour; that's 15,000 shovels full of snow. Whether you are dealing with light and fluffy snow, or a wet and heavy mess, an EFI snow blower can get the job done.

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Fuel Efficient
Once you start throwing snow, you donít want to stop to refuel. With this engine, you probably wonít have to. The EFI Series maximizes fuel consumption so that every drop counts. That means you will get more snowfalls per gallon. To start the engine just pull the cord or use the electric start. You donít have to worry about 5 steps of priming and pumping.

In our technology-transformed world, so many of our devices have become ďsmart.Ē This engine essentially has a brain. It measures air, engine temperature, altitude, and engine speed, then makes adjustments for optimal performance. Because itís electronic, these changes happen in real time. It will quickly and continuously monitor these variables as snow loads, demands, and conditions change.

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