Shoveling Stinks

Shoveling Stinks

How to Remove Snow in Sub-Zero Temperatures

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert
By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

Why do you see more people shoveling than snow blowing in your neighborhood? It isn't because fewer people own snow blowers.


You see more shovelers because it takes them forever to finish. The first snow falls in December are fun because the temperatures are barely below freezing. Everyone wants to play in the snow.


The excitement quickly fades with the New Year. January and February are significantly colder, often with numbing sub-zero temperatures.



Low Temperatures

Playing outside during an arctic blast is no longer enjoyable. It’s a chore. Plus, the colder temperatures result in deeper snow. Super cold snow is much fluffier, but you can only fit so much of it on the blade of a shovel.


Yes, each scoop is lighter, but you still need to perform the backbreaking lifting motion more often. In some cases, shoveling can be downright dangerous. According to the American Journal of Cardiology, heart attacks increase 22% in the week following snow storms, due to the vigorous physical activity related to shoveling.


Big Snow

And remember, it historically snows a lot more in late February than early December. You can wish for an early spring. 

But, it's usually just wishful thinking. It's never too late to retire that old snow shovel. Trust us. Your back will appreciate it.



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