Entry-Level Two Stage Buying Guide

Entry-Level Two Stage Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Entry-Level 2-Stage Snow Blower

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert
By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

An entry-level two-stage snowblower will provide dependable performance without a lot of frills.

You can still get an entry-level two-stage snow thrower with a number of upgraded features. Below are some of the features to look for.



Snow Blower HeadlightA halogen headlight will light up your path if you end up snowblowing after dark. Headlights are either mounted directly into the operator console itself, or attached to the operator console.

About half of the entry-level models we offer have a headlight.


Remote Deflector Control

Remote Deflector ControlThis handy feature allows the operator to move the angle of the deflector on the discharge chute up and down from behind the operator controls, eliminating the need to walk around the snow blower to make this adjustment.

Reduce blowing snow and direct snow more accurately by adjusting the deflector up and down.


Chute Style

Chute StyleEntry-level two-stage snowblowers offer two methods of adjusting (aiming) the discharge chute – a basic crank or a lever. Both types can be controlled from behind the operator controls. A crank-style control is just what it sounds like: you turn a handle on a control arm to rotate the discharge chute from left to right and back again.

The lever-type control is more desirable, as it gives you more precise control over the direction that snow is being discharged, and it requires far less effort to maneuver the discharge chute.


Interlocking Controls

Interlocking Snowblower ControlsThis highly desirable feature allows the operator to “lock down” one of the two control handles – freeing one hand to adjust speeds or control the discharge chute and deflector while the snowblower is still moving. This feature is a HUGE time-saver, and well worth investing in the added cost.


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