Power Brush Buying Guide

Power Brush Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Snow Power Brush

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert
By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

Imagine you're finishing a lobster dinner at a fancy restaurant. The waiter comes by and scrapes the bread crumbs off your linen table cloth.

It's the attention to detail and the high level of service that makes the meal more expensive.

If you want to separate yourself from the competition and charge higher rates, you should consider getting a power brush for your snow removal business.



How Power Brushes Work

Ariens All Season Snow Power Brush

Since two-stage snow blowers don't contact the clearing surface, they leave behind a thin layer of snow.

The power brush uses rotating wire bristles to literally flick every snowflake off the surface and, more importantly, make your customers happy.

Power brushes are extremely popular with malls and shopping centers. In addition to sweeping snow, power brushes with "all-season" engines can be used to clear leaves, grass clippings, and other debris.


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