Snowblower Service Centers

Snowblower Service Centers

How to Find a Service Center For Your Snowblower

Dale, the Snow Blower Expert
Snow Blower Expert

Purchasing a snowblower from Snow Blowers Direct provides you with the same service options as if you were to purchase one from your local home improvement warehouse.

If you have a problem with your snowblower while it is under warranty, the home improvement centers won't repair it for you. They will simply refer you to the manufacturer for technical support or to a local service center, like taking your car to the dealer for warranty work.

Snow Blowers Direct works the same way.

Technical Support

Rest assured all engine equipment is covered by a warranty through the manufacturer. In many cases, it's a simple issue that can be resolved over the phone. We suggest that you contact the manufacturer's technical support line. They have expert technicians standing by to help solve your issue. Please have your model number and serial number available for fastest service.

Find Contact Numbers for Technical Support

Find a Local Service Center

If your product needs to be serviced while it's under warranty, you can take it to one of the manufacturer's authorized service centers, who will repair the product at no cost to you.

Where to Buy Snow Blower Parts

Service Centers
Agri-Fab(800) 448-9282
Bosski Inc.208-890-2056
Chapin International800-950-4458
Classic Accessories(800) 854-2315
Coleman Cable(800) 323-9355
Conntek(877) Cords88
Cozy Products(800)-662-5021
Daye(855) 256-2160
Dirty Hand Tools877-487-8275
DK2(888) 277-6960
Earthwise(800) 633-1501
Hinspergers Poly800-388-7871
I.M.A.C. Attachment516.806.7512
Magnum(800) 926-9768
Nordic Auto Plow1-888-662-7569
Power Trim(714) 523-8560
Raftery Design330-833-4410
SaltDogg(440) 974-8888
Scepter(800) 387-6018
SFA Companies Inc.1-888-332-6419
Slush Plow(516) 806-7512
Snow Joe(866) 766-9563
TecMate(905) 337-2095
TerraKing(717) 569-3359
TruFuel(866) 950-3835
Valley Industries800-864-1649

Dale, the Snow Blower Expert
Snow Blower Expert
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