Winter 2013 Forecast

Farmer's Almanac 2013 Winter Weather Predictions

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Looking back on last winter, the fourth warmest on record, it's easy to scoff at any new predictions. But for the last 194 years, the Farmerís Almanac has been forecasting the weather with amazing accuracy. Farmer's Almanac forecasts are historically about 80% accurate, putting ordinary meteorologists to shame. So what does this winter have in store for us? Well, that really depends on where you live.

2013 Farmer's Almanac Winter Forecast
Essentially, this winter is divided into two sections. The Eastern half of the country is expected to have a cold, blustery winter, while the Western portion of the U.S. is slated to enjoy milder temperatures and about average precipitation. Current predictions call for winter to return as normal in the Northeast United States. So expect the return of cold and snowy weather this year. In addition, a swath from West Virginia up through Connecticut is expected to be home to colder than average temperatures and frequent wet weather. From Florida to Tennessee, and parts of Arkansas and Louisiana as well, this winter should be wet and chilly. You might not need to worry about blowing snow, but folks may want to have a jacket or two on hand. After a winter of unseasonable warmth in 2012, this winter is expected to return to traditional form in the Midwest. What this means is big snow falls and low temperatures are anticipated for the central portion of the country. The western part of the country, from Nebraska and the Dakotas to the West coast can expect mild temperature and typical snow and rain.
Canada 2013 Winter Forecast
The winter division remains consistent with the 2013 Canadian winter predictions. The east part of Canada, is expected to experience a cold, snowy winter. However, the western portion of the country is supposed to be warmer and dryer than average. As for Central Canada, average snows will accompany warmer than average temperatures. With winter on the way, it's smart to be prepared for the inclement weather. Snow Blowers Direct offers factory direct discounts and free shipping on all snow blowers with the hope everyone will be ready when the first flakes fall.


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