Best Electric Snowblowers

Best Electric Snowblowers

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Electric Snowblowers

Jake, the Snow Blower Expert
Snow Blower Expert

Electric snowblowers are a clean, affordable upgrade from a shovel. To help you choose the best one, we've put together the Best Electric Snowblowers of 2021 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect type for your needs. 


If you're not sure what kind of electric snowblower you need, check out our Electric Snowblower Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation.


Best Electric Snowblowers List

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Learn More About Earthwise SN71022
Was $198.99
Expert Review
The Power of Direct Power
  • Move up to a staggering 800 lbs. of snow a minute
  • Corded for direct and instant 14-Amp power when you need it
  • Convenient and reliable push-button starts; no pull cords!
Great Option For Homeowners
  • Compact, lightweight design makes operating the SN71022 a breeze
  • 22" clearing width with the ability to remove snowfalls up to 12"
  • A great option for quick clean up of decks, patios, and driveways
180° Chute Rotation
  • Use the hand crank to direct the snow where you want it
  • Temperature resistant auger helps keep the snow from sticking
Dual LED Spotlights
  • No matter what the time, your Earthwise will light the way
  • Dual LED lights make working in dark conditions easier and safer
Effortless Transportation & Storage
  • Rear transportation wheels allow you to freely maneuver the unit
  • Natural rubber contact points for smooth operation on uneven terrain
  • Small size means more space in your garage or bed of your truck


Learn More About Toro 39901
Expert Review
Tired of dealing with gas and oil? The new Toro 60-volt Power Clear asks only that you push the easy button! No more worries about bad gas or flooded carburetors. The 7.5Ah lithium-Ion battery is extremely efficient. This machine can throw snow over 40 feet and includes a panoramic LED light! Because it is lightweight, you can use it on decks and stairways. The battery works with the whole family of Toro products including Toro lawnmowers and string trimmers! The sleek design allows you to store the blower in small spaces. You can't go wrong with the next generation in battery-powered snow blowers. Plus, with such a quiet machine, you won't need to worry about waking your neighbors.
60-Volt MAX Snow Removal
  • Provides gas-like performance with none of the downsides
  • The days of gunked up carbs are over; virtually no maintenance needed
Capable L405 60-Volt, 7.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Extremely efficient and powerful with 405-watt hours
  • Runsmart speed control optimizes battery life for longer runtimes
NEW! Power Edge™ Auger
  • Toro's patented all-steel Power Edge™ auger rips through snow
  • Ideal for asphalt and concrete - capable of throwing snow 40+ feet!
Intuitive Shoot & Locking Deflector Controls
  • No tricky lever adjustments, simply adjust the shoot to your liking
  • Take seconds and allows you to throw the snow where you want it
LED The Way
  • Includes panoramic LED lighting for when the days get shorter
  • Significantly improves safety allowing you to see what's in front of you


Learn More About Toro 38381
Expert Review
The Toro 1800 Electric Power Curve snow blower is small in scale but mighty in removing snow from small driveways and walkways. Deep-cutting blades and a powerful 15amp electric motor combine to move up to 700 pounds of snow per minute and can launch snow up to 30 feet! It's great for clearing your deck or patio so your pets can get outside. Put the snow where you want it with the adjustable snow chute. Weighing in at just 25 pounds, the Toro 1800 Power Curve is also very easy to maneuver. All you need to do is plug it in and off you go! This snowblower is where power, price, and convenience meet.
Maintenance Free
  • No gas or oil to mix - just press and go
Power Curve® Technology
  • Moves more snow in less time and virtually eliminates clogging
  • Cuts up to 18” wide and 10” deep in one pass
  • Moves up to 700 pounds of snow per minute
160° Adjustable Chute
    Zip Deflector
    • Locking ratchet deflector adjusts with the touch of your hand
    • Integrated cord lock system
    • Ensures the cord is secure and doesn't pull out
    • 12-gauge outdoor rated extension cord recommended (not included)
    • Throws snow up to 30 feet
    Powerful 15-Amp Electric Motor
    • Quickly adjusts the chute left to right as you go
    • Lets you throw snow high, low or in-between

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    Jake, the Snow Blower Expert
    Snow Blower Expert
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