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Best Power Brushes

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Keep your yard and driveway clean year-round with a power brush. Seriously, you can use a power brush in any season for a multitude of tasks.

We've created best-selling, top-rated and expert-recommended lists of power brushes to help you pick the best one for any task, any time of the year.

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Top 10 Selling Power Brushes

Top 10 Rated Power Brushes

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Top Power Brushes
Ariens (36") 277cc All Season Power Brush (Hydrostatic)
Not only will this power brush handle snow, but it's also great for all seasons! Perfect for moving leaves and debris that build up around properties and businesses. Equipped with a 25-inch diameter pivoting brush head, you can sweep straight ahe...
Toro All Season (36") 208cc Power Broom
The Toro 38700 Power Broom is a multi-purpose power broom. Whether you are brushing snow or dethatching a lawn, this is the answer for professionals or homeowners for either chore. The 38700 is powered by a 208cc Kohler Command Pro engine, which...
Ariens (28") 177cc All Season Power Brush
This Ariens Power Brush is a versatile, powerful, all-season machine! The brush can be angled 40-degrees to the left or right (20-degrees more than most competitors!), so it can move snow or debris off to the side and clear a path. The power brush...