Electric Snow Blower Chutes

Electric Snow Blower Chutes

How to Know Which Chute is Right for You

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert
By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

Electric snow blowers come with a variety of chute types. The chute control directs which way you blow the snow.

To turn the chute without stopping, consider a model with a crank or lever chute.

If you don't plan to turn the chute much, then a manual chute may be fine.

Read on to learn more about each type of chute!


Manual Chutes

Manual ChuteManual chutes don't have any convenient mechanisms. With these, you must stop, walk around the snow blower, and turn the chute by hand.

This poses an inconvenience in comparison to operating the chute while in motion. However, it also generally results in a snow blower having a lower price tag, making a manual chute a budget-friendly option.


Crank Chutes

Crank ChuteCrank chutes are controlled by rotating the handle. It takes several cranks to turn from one direction to the other.

Rotating the handle clockwise turns the chute one way, while rotating the handle counter-clockwise turns the chute the other way.


Lever Chutes

Lever ChuteLever chutes have a lever that you push in and pull out to turn the chute right or left. The simple motion makes it possible to direct the chute without stopping.

The lever chute is widely considered the easiest chute to use that's available on electric snow throwers.

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