Snowy Sidewalks

Snowy Sidewalks

How to Clear Snow From Sidewalks

By  | Snow Blower Product Expert
By  | Snow Blower Product Expert

You're the neighborhood saint. You're the guy with a snow blower who clears the sidewalks so everyone can get to their mailboxes without shoveling.

But choosing the right snow blower will determine how tough your act of kindness will be.

Don't make yourself regret being kind. Choose the right tool for the job so you can be loved without being exhausted.

Choose Your Tool


Sidewalk Clearing

Snow Cleared Sidewalk

If you're interested in clearing neighborhood sidewalks, width is worth considering. The type of snow blower you choose will determine how much work you'll have to put in to be the neighborhood hero.

There are ADA minimum widths for sidewalks; however, the sidewalks in many places tend to exceed the minimum.

ADA Minimum Sidewalk Width = 36 inches (3 ft.)
Average Sidewalk Width = 60 inches (5 ft.)


The narrower the clearing width is on your snow blower, the more passes you're going to have to make. So if you've got more sidewalk to clear, your snow blower's clearing width will be of much greater importance.

City sidewalks can be much wider, so those are usually done by the city using plows or professional sized tractor-mounted snow blowers.

Follow our chart above to help determine what kind of snow blower you need for clearing your neighborhood sidewalks and walkways.


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